How would you like your feedback today?

I have 6 supervisors. So far, I have received draft edits from 3 of them:

  • Supervisor 1: read the thesis Intro, then reread the whole thing at a later draft version
  • Supervisor 2: has read everything but the conclusion, but can’t seem to stomach reading 5 more pages
  • Supervisor 3: has read the whole thing through, and reread the entire second half
  • Supervisor 4: read 2 pages
  • Supervisors 5 and 6 have not read anything as far as I know

And my mother was the first person to proofread the entire thesis.

So far I have edits in a variety of media:

  • Supervisor 1: prints out the drafts, writes on them with red pen, and gives them to his secretary, from whom I pick them up
  • Supervisor 2: has sent me “track changes” documents
  • Supervisor 3: prints out the drafts, marks them up, scans them, and puts PDFs in a shared folder

And my mother sent me track changes.

So far the comment highlights have included:

  • “I’m sorry, it’s really difficult when experiments don’t work out. (my mother)”
  • “This looks weird.”
  • “This is almost boring.”
  • “Surely you didn’t perfuse the whole mouse?!”
  • And “too verbose”.

I’m currently on draft #6. I haven’t yet labeled any documents as “final” yet, but I do have several “final figures” folders. I love  this comic by PhDComics, but it doesn’t quite show the enormity of having two different computers open, one with edited documents, and one with the original document, constantly scrolling through and tweaking the thesis.




One comment on “How would you like your feedback today?

  1. […] and still others will never give any advice at all. Feedback will come in all forms (see my post on February 22) but try and work with what you’re given. Generally, your supervisor will want to help you […]

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