Oxford – Bring on the Thesis

I’ve been back in Oxford for two weeks now.  Finally got over my jet lag. Maybe I shouldn’t have slept during the daytime the entire flight over from the States. But it took me longer than usual to get over the jetlag – in part due to a newfound love of afternoon coffee and partly due to what is possibly the best duvet in the world.


So how’s the thesis writing going, you ask? Well, I must say that the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford is an amazing place to work. Opened in 1749, it’s a place full of history, and the sound of students working. There are also many coffee places I go to when in need for more ambient noise, and caffeine.


But the writing, I hear you ask, how is the writing going? Well, the first thing to do is to figure out the data that you have. To this end I need to finish analyzing some data, which is what I’m currently focusing on. Also, for the writing part, I’m working on the words that go in the results section. The Results section is always trickier than it might appear because all the figures and relevant graphs need to appear there in order to present the data, but in terms of prose it’s important to provide context for the figures, while at the same time not including that which should instead belong in either the Methods or Discussion sections.  Often, so far, I’ve found myself writing and then thinking that a paragraph really belongs in another location in the thesis.


So here are the steps now:

1)     Finish analyzing data

2)     Write Results section

3)     Make figures and insert into Results section

4)     Reformat Methods and Intro to fit around the Results section


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